-Rambos Army- ''True friendship prevails over all''

Update 07/31/2020---------------------------------------------------------

Hello everyone, it's Blingqueen in 2020! 
I will be adding a link for you to be able to download Endless-Online in case there are any old players out there who want to join us!  The link below will have a download for you to click on but also allow you to see an ACTIVE online list. As well as a helpful items/crafting list and NPS.
Also there is a discord. Feel free to add me at Karyssa#1149 
Update 07/2/2020---------------------------------------------------------
 Hello RAMBOS ARMY!! This is your leader Blingqueen speaking! 
If you're interested in playing Endless-Online in 2020, just go HERE~  

Then click down load and BAM! You're in! 
I don't know where Rambo or Urmine went but..Zirota and I are still here. In fact loves....I make Youtube videos JUST for Endless. If you'd like to watch, go here!  
Update 07/31/16---------------------------------------------------------
 Hello hello! Hiya everyone! :D So this is where our amazing guild sits as of RIGHT now ^.>^
2nd place out of Top 100 Guilds
Members: 272
Lets keep going till we hit TOP >:3
Update 01/28/16---------------------------------------------------------
 Wow, is it the end of the month already!? Ok, I've been lazy not updating so here's what's up!
BQA ranks NUMBER 2 <------AWESOME!!!
You can check out the rankings HERE
 What else...Oh yes, as of now, we have 181 members!!!!!!! Awesome guys :'] you make me so HAPPY so be the leader of this guild! All this would not be possible with out you amazing guilds members! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THAT YOU GUYS DO! I hope BQA is like a second family to you all <3
Other than that, not much has been going on. I'll keep you guys updated ;] Valitines Day is coming up !<333:D See you guys Soon! - Blingqueen  <3
Update 01/09/16---------------------------------------------------------
We Are now 80 members strong, and the family keeps growing!
Wow, tomorrow on January 10 2016 BQA will OFFICIALLY be 1 month old! Thank you all SOOOOOOO much!! A guild would be nothing with out it's amazing members! All of you together, have taken BQA from nothing on the Top 100 Guilds list STRAIGHT to number 9 in 1 month! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? Thank you all so much <3 I and the other leaders would like to thank you!And a BIG SHOUT OUT to our amazing recruiters for working so incredibly hard!! <3 I can see how well everyone works together JUST like a FAMILY! And That's EXACTLY what we are ^.>^ I se the number of member growing every single day...thank you all so much, I love you guys you are all just SO AWESOME!    -Blingqueen
Check out the top 100 Guilds  HERE
Check out BQA's info HERE
Update 01/03/16---------------------------------------------------------
New Leader Added In: Farewell
BQA would like to welcome our newest leader, Farewell!! This incredible guy has been super mega helpful to not only strangers and guild members, but to the leaders as well! Far, welcome to Leadership! we know it was the right choice! :D
Update 01/03/16---------------------------------------------------------
BQA- Blingqueen's Army is now At Rank 14th in the top 100 guilds!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOO Thank you all so much for so stinking awesome!!!!
Update 12/29/15---------------------------------------------------------
BQA- Blingqueen's Army is now At Rank 30th in the top 100 guilds!!!!!
To keep track of the guild rankings, visit this website HERE!
 Thank you all to the lovely new members who have joined us ^
To keep track of all our guild members, just click HERE and then on "Members"
Update 12/29/15---------------------------------------------------------
Hi guys!
So today Apache and I held our first event! The event was Hide And Seek and both Lanefrost and Southpaw won! The players each got 50k and fire arrows to Lane. We will be hosting events weekly so stray tuned for more ^^
- Blingqueen<3
Update 12/25/15---------------------------------------------------------
Hi everybody and Merry Christmas!
This is Bling! Ok, so as you know, our new guild is called BQA Blingqueens Army. This will be our new RA/URA guild for now ^.>^ maybe main will be up one day but the server we are on now is very wonderful.
Our guild now has 12 members all together! Here's the list
Third Rank or Lower:

Our guild is growing strong ever more and the family keeps expanding ^..^ Our guild is now 72nd place out of the top 100
If you would like to see the list, you can check it out Here!
  l hope you all have a very wonderful Merry Christmas and I hope to see you join us on this server if you have not already ^.>^
Until next time,
                      -Blingqueen <3  Mother leader (my title in game)
Update 12/10/15---------------------------------------------------------


Thanks to Apach and Zirota, we were able to make a new guild on http://eobroadcast.weebly.com/ :D :D :D <3 <3 <3


It's called BQA Blingqueen's Army. Since RA was taken I tired something else. I still miss you guess and hope you all come on and join this server until the main is back up D:

And, AZA, PROWN WHERE ARE YOU!? xD You guys are never on! But it's ok, I'll wait :3 ALL of you are worth waiting for  ;] One day, RA will be back!

Until then, ttyl you RA babies <3 - Bling

Update 11/30/15---------------------------------------------------------
 ENTER APACHE<3<3<3 Yet another RA baby joins EO once again. Our team is slowly but surely GROWING<3<3<3<3<3 COME TO ME MY BABIES<3  -Bling
Update 11/13/15---------------------------------------------------------
 Hi guys, Bling here! SOOOOO I was contacted by 2 RA members so far this week.

Azareil and Prowny <3<3 Thank you guys!! 

 It's a start, before we know it RA will be back together new and reborn! >:D I hope you all will join us soon enough, then we can create our guild with our amazing members! 

In case you didn't  see it, this is the website to download EO


And my username is Blingqueen. And here are other RA members who were able to keep their username, due to no one using it. And RA members who still play EO today that I'm aware of.




Zenix (Joltymax)

Apache (Apacheway)

              Until then, Blingqueen

Update 11/6/2015---------------------------------------------------------------
Hi guys is Blingqueen again. I want to talk to you all for a minute, if any of you are still reading.
First things first, I miss RA and I miss all of you.
Ok now that I got that out of the way, I want to let you all know about this new EO. It's an exact clone of the main and it has active admins. They even had a Halloween event!
Now, I played this one to check it out and honestly, I REALLY like it. It's regulated, and there are NO MORE LEVEL BLOCKS. The maps are all free range now. And I would more than love to help train any one of you to get you up to a level you would like. I my self am only level 8 right now but I'm close to 9.I'm going to keep trying to build it up. My old account Blingqueen (Before the wipe and on the main) was like level 19 or 20. I'd like to get to that point again. 
10 Things you need to know about this EO 
1. There are NO level blocks.
2. There is no hacking, cheating, speeding, duping or boting, People  will be banned.
3. People seem to be a lot nicer.
4. There are active admins.
5. This is an EXACT clone of the main.
6. The admin actually had a CONVERSATION with me and others, he seems nice.
7. To improve their server they take group votes. If something is a 60% yes, it will be considered to be added in.
8. I think you should read over their rules and whatnots here      http://game.eoserv.net/polls
9. It's WAAAAAYYYY easier to level now. Everything that gave exp, has doubled that number.
Example: A sheep that only gave 22exp now gives 44 (And that's accurate info)
And number 10. THE MOST IMPORTANT Blingqueen misses here RA babies :'[
Also, all the mods now give DOUBLE the exp! And there are some SUPER EASY quests to complete that are repetitive, require little to no work, and is well worth it. 
Leveling is really easy now but if you are a grinder, you can still do that too. 
I desperately would like to make RA again. Now, the guild RA is taken but URA is not. And for those of you who didn't know, URA was an extension of RA. It was called Urmine's Army. 
I haven't created a guild yet but I tend to work as hard as humanly possible to refvive RA and get the resources we need, so I can give out fun items for events we hold and stuff. I want us AS A GROUP to decide on a new guild. Or stay with URA. Again "RA" is already taken. But you know that won't stop me ;}
To make sure we pull this of, I need my team back. I need YOU back. Every single one. We all know, EO wasn't as fun unless you have a wonderful group of people to be with. 
And I don't want any of that "But Bling, I have a life noooowwwww"
I'll take any time you can offer RA. Even if it's just 5 minutes a month. I want ALL OF YOU.
To make sure this message gets out, I will be emailing all of you.
I hope to see some responses soon. You can seeme on EO as "Blingkaryssa" or my main "Blingqueen".  Or Zirota with here account "Zirota" or her alt "Kyzeal". Don't be affr4aid to pm u, we WANT to hear from you!! :D 
Last Updated 11/05/2015  1:32am------------------------
HEY RA!!!!!! THIS IS BLING...wha!? Where's my pink? Brb
Ok, that's better :D Listen up my RA babies!! EO's BACK...AGAIN!!.
So here's what's up. You guys remember sausage right? Well, he made an exact duplicate of EO main and it's open!! Are you interested in joining? well, here's the website, it's trusted.

http://eobroadcast.weebly.com/ Anyone who wants to join or knows anyone who does, please send them our way! You see, we want to remake RA but we need 50k and 10 peeps, you know how it works :/ even if you just make an account to help create RA, THAT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL!!! So until then, STAY TOONED!

RA IS BACK BABY!!!!!!! >:S- Bling


People helping to recreate RA

Current/New Name in EO      Previous Name in EO

Zenix                                               Joltymax

TBA                                                 Blingqueen

TBA                                                 Zirota

TBA                                                 Jeahana


If you are interested in helping create EO on the new server, please let me know!- Bling (I'm going to make a facebook for us! :D That's how we know it's for realizes!)


Check out our new Facebook page HERE 

Or type in "Rambo's Army Endless-Online"  and join our group!




Last update- 2/18/2014 5:04am---------------------------------------------------

 Awwwwwww :[ so the title guild RA is taken, BUT RAL is not taken so we are now thinking"Reborn At Last" Whatcha think babies :D




 Last update- 2/18/2014 4:09am--------------------------------------------------



 So my RA babies, Zirota and I started up the Ol' game, and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND OUT!!!! :] I guess this could be seen as  good or bad news but, Zi found this rather interesting youtube video,


 Where a rather interesting character was created, he goes by the name "Rtluv"which if you did not catch on already, that's "Vultr" backwards. Now, I know what your thinking "He's a FRAUD Bling DUUUHHH!!!!" And you may be right or........................WONG!? o.0          WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!!?!?!

See, here are a few reason why he MAY BE REAL,

1. I'm not sure how true this is but, this "Rtluv" spawned a house, in Aven next to the jewelery store, "So what?" you may ask? Well, the word is "ONLY A PROGRAMER CAN DO THAT" NOT  HACKERS

2. You know that good ol' port we know AND LOVE? Well, IT"S WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D THAT'S RIGHT! If you were to download EO right now, the port 807"8" (the original) would USE to have to be changed to 807"9" to get it to work, well NOT TODAY  HAXZOR!!! Just change it to game play and YYYYYYYYEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! >:D

3. And last but not least, (This is kinda the bad part) you remember how we had our OCs and there was a supposed "WIPE" but your old account and character names still seemed to exist in this black hole of infant evil because you couldn't log into it and that taunted you soooooo bad that you wanted to cry!? WEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL, there kinda gone..... like GONE GONE. I just made Blingqueen and Z made Zirota. So there was an ACTUAL WIPE That the "hacker" or "new owner" could not do before, because he did not have the proper access I guess? NOTE: If you DID remake a charachter after that "WIPE" they are still there, so I don't know what all is up.

Anyways, there are a few new changes like new quests in newbland, you can not leave newbland until you are level 4 now, and I don't know what else actually becaue I just STOPPED right in the middle of playing because I was so excited and just HAD to let my RA babies know :D So, as I type this, Z is leveling while poor Bling sits on the cold goat poop floor just waiting for me to play D: At least I have newb clothes on xD So my news to you is JOIN US, were hotter then pir >:]...D: PIE!! I mean pie xD And ALL that purple sharped rocks >:D  So, we want to remake RA but, I still don't know if RA is taken yet until I make it to Aven, if not, Z and I were thinking of renaming it "Reborn Atlast" (But that is only if RA is available) or if it is, time to remake an old guild TOGETHER ;} and you guys know the drill, we can not do this alone, it takes 10 (11 being the leader) people to do this AND, 50k... :[ and as newbs, that is a VERY hard quest to do BUT if we all pull together, it will go A LOT FASTER then just the 2 of us alone doing this.  So, you can add me "Blingqueen" and Z "Zirota" on your friends list and it's REALLY us ^^ I'll keep you guys updated k ;]


LOVE YA<3<3<3<3<3<3- Bling and kinda Z and Azreil.  



Still Alive

Last update- 2/19/2012 3:38pm---------------------------------------------------

Hey guys, I know it's been a while, just wanted to let you know were still here. I saw a new guild called "Recognizing Army" was created and it has 5 members with the tag RA. Does anyone know if this is our doing or not? 

 And a quick reminder, there will be no spamming or you WILL be banned.- Blingqueen

Oh, and Happy late Valentines Day everyone! ^^



Endless is up and running, time to bring back RA!


Last Update- 8/5/2011------------------------------------------------------------

HEY GUYS!!! Once again EO is up and running YES!!! So please read the down below if you haven't already. Old accounts are still gone but if you can, please help us remake RA by creating a new account, and getting it to level 5 since that's the new level you have to be to get into Avean. I hope to see all once again and go ahead and leave me a message to let me know you would like to help bring back RA! We already got about 6 people all working hard to level up and try to recreate our glorious guild RA. Currently, I'm leveling while typing this :D

Until then TTYL! Blingqueen



Up and running once again, on live EO and RA

Endless-online is up and running now. However, it's kinda like a copy of the original endless so, you will need to remake your account. You have to use a different user name though because, even after the wipe, the system still thinks names are there. We can still remake guilds though. So to be safe, use a fake email address when creating a new account. I still need people to make RA and fast! I need all my people to be on at once so please contact me (Blingqueen) on Facebook here! I don't just add anyone so please send me a message before hand.

Creating a new EO account

Ok so, the port code, you will have to change it to  8079. Remember, this is not the original system so, use a fake email account when creating a new EO account, just to be safe. My new user name is blingkaryssa, just so you guys know! Enjoy and good luck guys! :D Also, when you do recreate an account, please send me your old username and your new one so I can add you on the list! :D -Sincerely, Blingqueen (Blingkaryssa)

People who are going to help remake RA

-Blingquen (Blingkaryssa)

-Zirota (Kyzeal)


-Xexsos (Nijiiro)




-Dox (Dexoir)

- Kimmyhime

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